the Shamwow song

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Capt. Orygun

Win the Day


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kinda gay.

and i dont get why everyone is bashing sham wow..


not so much as bashing shamwow, they're bashing vince.

unless..... are you vince? is that why you are getting so upset about it? it would explian a lot about you. lol.


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no, i just dont get it.
people say he gets hella crazy and amped up when hes selling the product, but i think he stays pretty fucking chill.
not to mention he actually has a pretty amazing product if it indeed does work that well.


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You fucking retard... the douce BAG is not the part that is in contact with a vagina. so, therefore if I had a vagina, I wouldn't be stuffing it in there at all.


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im sorry, ive never used a douche.
i wouldnt know as well as you would.


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You got him all wrong! Vince jumped up several notches in my book when I found out that all the proceeds from the shamwow and the slap chop is put toward fighting scientology:

Atom | Post | Anti-Scientology...Infomercials?

Get him, Ed Valenti and Billy Mays together (led by General Ron Popeil) and you've got a commando death squad that'll sell you your own kidney before you die. :ph34r:
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