Threads and castle nut on tie rod spin freely!

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Am I missing something here? I've got a 94 Del Sol SI that I'm trying to change my tie rod ends on. When I try to loosen the castle nut on the bottom of the tie rod, both the threads and the nut spin freely. I'm thinking this is because the tie rods ends are totally shot, but how can I get the tie rods off now?

Is there any way to avoid using a cut-off wheel to cut through either the castle nut or the rubber part of the tie rod itself?

Thanks for the advice.


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Yea if you are installing new ones cut the old ones off if not tighten the nut down as much as possible then try loosening them up if you have to hold the end of the nut with a pair of pliers. I don't recommend the pliers if you are going to reuse them.


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or just take your tie rod seperator and hold pressure up on it and use a impact. done it over and over again.