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I had a little extra cash left with my tax refund and paycheck, so I finally got my windows tinted. I think it makes the car look so much cleaner. The pictures make it look a little too dark that it really is, but you can get the idea. 3M tint lifetime warranty $160. Not bad I think.



looks good
several window cleaners will harm window tint ... be sure to check before you spray it on there
looks good! wish i would have gotten a lifetime warranty on my tint, my shit is bubbling now after 6 years :( i'm dreading to peel mine off... what % tint did you do?
~20%. same all around. i like it alot. so does everyone else that's seen it today. it turned out much better than i could imagine.
Because my wiper arms were rusted and paint chipped really bad so I found the darkest blue spray paint and fixed it. The picturs do no justice to the wipers or taillights. But at least I don't have carbon fiber wipers :lol: