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i know jack shit about em but if i get 195/50WR15 Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position could i drive on em in the winter? and is 79 bucks good a tire
why didnt you wait for a response..??

get the so3's!!!! the ones you got are ghey!!! return them!!!! before they ship them!!!! call up and say you ordered the wrong ones...

get a set of the pole positions. way better tire, WILL NOT WORK IN SNOW.
i m gettin the poles later .... i only have the 15's and i needed new tires cuz i bought them from someone that had really bad camber and i live in minnesote so i need a tire that worked in the snow
i only bought the two for my front tires and i will be buying poles later i spent the whole day calling and looking and decided on the RE910 cuz they didn't rate to bad on the chart thing they had and they work in snow