today's kill..... me!

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This one is worthy of a thread.

minding my biz at a light this morning on the way to work, this 50+ year old guy in a mid 90s buick le sabre or something gets in the lane next to me. ya know, the ones that are usually all grandma'ed out with the brake metal on metal griding noise as they drive....
honks his horn and is motioning at me to roll down my window.
ok, maybe i have a tail light out or something and he's trying to tell me.
'wanna run it'.
i look around, no one is near by. i figure by the time i reach 2nd gear it will be all over. what the hell... lol
this buick starts whining like a soriorty girl and absolutely smokes me off the line. Im laughing my ass off now to the point where i'm just dumbfounded. i gave up before the shift to 2nd. lol
next light the guy is cracking up and says 'didn't expect that, did you'. nope. he smilies, and turns off and waves away.

my only guess is that he swapped in the 3800 SC from a grand prix or something and modded the hell out of it. definitely a high performance alternator package :D
seriously, it was probably an 11 second car. lol in a granda buick.
sleeper status: verified.

it was def FWD, so i doubt it was a grand national motor. I'm thinking GTP from the older grand prix sc and modded up to 350+ hp

basically, this thing destoryed me. lol and yes i was in the genesis.

yeah, that too. def a 3800 sc line from gm :)
haha that's great.
=) there is a sleeper vw bug that lives down there street from me. looks stock but boosted. lol
he about did the same thing to me one day riding my ass till a two lane. we both take off. i stood no chance lol.
It doesn't matter if it's by an inch or a mile...
I believe in 98 or something buick actually supplied one of their v6 models with a supercharger.
I know that some Regals came supercharged. A family friend had one when I was a kid
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