turbo set-up

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I am planning on buying a Ls non v-tec engine. It comes with low comparsion so its a good engine to through a turbo on. I use to have a turbo eagle talon and plan on using my turbo from it. How do i make the ls motor into a turbo engine?
yes it's a 14g turbo. Don't have the money for new pistons and robs. So do you have any suggestions what i can do to make it turbo?
I am telling you guys throw 18G's on the LS's! It still will be quite streetable and will give you considerable HP gains.
wasn't the 1g mitsu's turbo a 14B?.....I have a 14G and it was the mitsu sport upgrade on the 87 and later starion
The 14G came on 2nd gen eclipse's/Talon's also! But the one you have Turntune is off of the Starion (I remember helping you figure out where it came off of).
Actually ...Knowledge....the 1g dsm's with m/t had a TD05-14B-6cm and the auto had a 13G...the 2g dsm's had a Garret T-25.....the 14G was,like I said, the mitsu sport upgrade turbo on the star-quest twins...not available to 2g dsm owners....and it is VERY rare to find them on the 1g DSM's...most went to the bigger 16G
.....don't believe me?....look it up...heres a link...www.DSMtuners.com
oh..and 14G's don't say "14G" anywhere on them like other mitsu turbo's.they are identified by the last digits on the compressor housing -01750

back to the topic point....running that turbo...whateverone you have...if money's tight..wait till you can afford it...rods and pistons are only the start...you still have to consider fuel enrichment under boost, timing under boost, and if any of your drivetrain is in need of repair....Hondas only last so long under boost if you don't take all of this under consideration....but your 1/4the way there...you already have the turbo...and since it came from your old car...you know how it was treated!
Thanks for all your help and info. I cant understand why everyone keeps saying put rods and pistons. It dont make sense to me to buy an engine for $800 - $1000 and then take it to a machine shop to get rebuilt for $800. To me it makes more sense to just buy the block seperate and get it rebuilt. Then bulid up from there.I'm not looking for higher compression because my goal is to build a turbo engine. So whats the deal with getting pistons and rods? I plan to get the block rebuilt to new. Can i just put in brand new stock ls pistons? Will it be able to handle boost?
the point in getting new pistons and rods is because of the stress load they were designed for is of no comparisson once you start adding boost...number one the ring lands on oem piston are to thin for higher boost pressures...hence replacing them with ones designed for turbocharging. you might be able to get away with polishing and shot peening your stock rods...low boost only...but you will have to replace the rod and main bolts with something stronger...like ARP...you could always buy the short block pre-assembled for turbocharging...
Where would i find that block? How much are eagle rod? DO you mean eagle rods form a eagle talon turbo car or that the brand of the rods?
I'm not positive...but I think J G Engine Dynamics, and Jun USA Inc will both assemble a short block for your application. I have their phone numbers if you need them.
Thanks for you the info and replys. I just want to rebuilt the block with the ls stock parts. I'm going to put vtec first and put on my turbo when i feel i'm not happy wiht a ls/vtec motor anymore. I have never had a chance to take a short block to a machine shop. What do they charge for if your take your block to them? Do they use your old piston and rods from your block or do they put new ones in? How much should i be looking at money wise?
Ok i read too much about rods and piston. I guess in the long run its worth wasting money for rods and piston. Now what rod and piston size should i get to fit in the ls b18b block? Remeber i'm not looking for higher compersion than what the ls b18b block come with because i plan on putting in a turbo and a vtec head.
Where's the coatings, B?!?! You should get them coated like MEEE you damn copycat! ;) :p

Ok i'm really happy with all the replys i'm getting back. I really like all the good information you guys are giving me but lets back track for a min. Lets take this step by step so that way some one new to a ls/vtec conversion will never post on this again. 1. Lets start with just the ls b18b block. We know that the ls stock rods and pistons wont be able to handle an increase of power over 50 horse power. So we need to change the rods and pistons. What pistons can fit in a ls block that can handle vtec and turbo? What rods can fit in a ls block that can handle vtec and turbo? I need to know the size of the rods and pistons. Should i just use the same size clearance that the stock Ls rods and pistons where?

p.s. please don't argue that i should just go turbo or just vtec. I made up my mind ls/vtec/turbo!