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Is a turbo setup reliable for daily driving? If so, what psi for daily driving? Yea, highway will be included. I have been told yes it is and no its not reliable, just want some other opinions.
if its built right and tuned properly it will be reliable ... if its half assed and thrown together it wont be ... you only get what you put in
nothing is reliable.
only stuff you build to be reliable is reliable.

If you slap on a gay kit, it won't be.
If you slap on a 'name brand' kit, it won't be.

but, if you take the time, do it right, and TUNE it, it will be reliable.

PSI means shit. theres a post in this forum that is pinned... read that.

a t-.00001 boosting 23123123 psi makes about 2 horsepower.
a t-333 boosting 1 psi makes about 4324234 horsepower.
its all about the CFMs y0!