Turning a drag car into a street car again

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Hello looking into buy a shell that is drag ready but can’t drive it on the street is it possible I can make it street drivable but it’s mostly going to be track but still wanna drive it around and show it off and go to car meets is it possible?
Does it have a VIN?
Does it have / can you get a title for it?
Can you get a plate on it?

Realistically anything that can drive from the paddock to the line and back "can" be driven on the street, with consideration of ground clearance for speed bumps and parking lot thresholds... Whether your suspension, tires, fuel, lighting, etc make it practical is another story.

The rest completely depends on where you are.

What are your local laws, inspection, emissions, etc...

What comfort items do you need / is it missing: ac, power steering, wipers, heat, windows, seats, etc...

Look at some of the cars out doing the various race week events throughout the country, and you will see that the lines between race car and street car can be very blurry.
You can drive it on the street but keep in mind that their rules that you should follow depending on which state you live in.