turning a new leaf

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I'm tired of my lifestyle right now.

I'm tierd of being up late all the time... my boss is pissed off at me for being late all the time. I've just never been a morning person. and the hour + drive doesn't help. Here it is almost 3am, and i'm still wide awake. I want to change this. I want to be more responsible and start working some normal hours again.

I'm overweight, by a lot.... I've put on a solid 90 lbs since college... I was 185 back then. Now i'm 275. Because of it, I think it's really hindering a possible relationship right now. some days shes hot. some days shes cold. Hard to read... I don't know wtf is going on. She obviously likes me but there's something holding her back from having this go anywhere in terms of a relationship. We've had a couple dates and talk a lot, but like i said, sometimes she seems real into me, and others its like i don't even matter.

Long story short, she's literally the hottest girl i know in person (at least to me, and that's all that matters). A few regs have seen her pics and can vouch.

The easiest solution is to lose some weight, which is something i've wanted to do for a while now. Along with it, I've decided to quit smoking. They just went up another $1 a pack, and april first they are supposed to go up again, topping $7 a pack. It's just fucking stupid. And I'm sick of it.

The plan:

Over the next 3-5 days, i'm quitting smoking and doing some shopping for some equipment. I 'acquired' p90x from a friend. I need to get a pull up bar and some fixed-weight dumbells (i only have bars and plates... and those are not safe for some of these exercises). I also need to get a matt of some sort to go over the rug. If it warms up a little bit in the next couple days, i'm going to try to get a jog/brisk walk in every day... its bitter out today (so much for global warming...) and tomorrow isn't supposed to be much better, so hopefully wed-sun i can get some minor cardio in to get my lungs back to breathing real air.

Since the course is outlined by starting on monday, i'm starting monday so i can keep track of where i am. I got all the sheets printed out and everything else ready to go.

3/30/09 starts day 1 of the program.

july 1 will be my 90 day completion, just time time to enjoy the summer with a ripped body.

I'm going to wait till the end to post pictures, but i plan to take a pic every day to document my progress. I took one tonight, and I don't think i need to share my before fat ass pic with a bunch of guys. lol I'll post 'em at the end of my cycle when i'm actually proud of my body and can laugh along with you guys at my old self.

I'm just worried about throwing my back out again... I've had some bad back problems the past year or so... I pulled it once and it hasn't been right since. Frankly, it's probably half due to the fact that I'm a fat ass. so, hopefully my back will hold out to see this through.

I went shopping yesterday for food and I got a lot of stuff from the nutrition guide, and plus i usually eat pretty healthy anyway. I rarely eat fast food, red meat, or fatty things.... I just eat too much of it and not at the right times.

So, yeah yeah, i've had like 50 of these before... but i was just never really pissed off at myself before. This time I am.
And I will succeede.

225 by Jul 1
90 days -> shed 50 lbs.
I'll probably lose 10+ the first week alone I lose weight pretty easily (just like i gain it pretty easily) I know you're only supposed to lose 1-2 lbs or whatever but i previewed the first workouts, and they are pretty damn intense. It will turn my body around pretty quickly. Plus, i have a LOT of fat, but i also have a lot of mass. at 185, i'm probably under 18% body fat (no idea for sure, but at 185, i'm SKINNY... not James skinny, but skinny)

So, wish me luck.

a new day has begun.


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ill read the rest tomorrow.. but im tired of my lifestyle too.
ive been trying to improve myself lately because i miss the old me.
i started working out again, i plan on joining a gym and maybe start playing basketball again.
im going back to school, trying to be more productive around my house.
im trying to get as much out of life as possible.


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Go for it. My cousin was at ~280lbs around December and now he's at about 215lbs. He just eats a little less but main thing he did was run on the treadmill.


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best of luck b. didn't read through all of it, seeing as how its 4, but I will later. got the jist of it, and quitting smoking is the best idea you've probably made (no offense, its just a great thing to do) in a while. im 18 years old, and im strong for my size (5'8ish, 115-120lbs) but I could be healthier, stronger, smarter with my money and my time, and im trying to change all of that. I really want to get a pull up bar. if I can fit it in my apartment, id totally buy a decent priced one. im horribly out of shape. im not big, but just pathetic when I think about what I could be. sounds like a lot of us could do some improving. best of luck to you sir, and I hope that it works out well for you :thumbsup:


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haha the P90X infomercials are on right now. blah, just another billy blanks.


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Well at least your not like most Americans. Always bitching about being overweight you actually plan on doing something about it. I hope it goes good for you. I am sure once you start working out you will just start feeling better physically which should hopefully make you happier. Best of luck and keep us posted on how it goes.


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Good luck B,

It's all about diet....portion control, you can exercise all you want but if you eat to much it's not going to help. I lost 20lbs just by diet alone, controlling the amount of food on my plate and absolutely no excercise. Ate mostly healthy meals with the occasional wings and pizza on a weekend. I didn't drink either.

Try to limit yourself to 1500 calories a day for the first month then 1200 for the next two and then hit the tread mill for an hour(using a hill program) and that weight will shred fast.

Good luck on the smoking thing too.

This shit is hard as fuck to keep to. I have no idea how anyone does it. I was hitting the gym hard for 3 months from 11/08 to January 09, but i have lost all motivation. It's probably because I became comfortable with my new girl and what not.

And..if you want some great exercise,get a mountain bike and go for a spin...


Good Luck, I've heard that running/cardio is the easiest way to lose weight fast.

A good friend of mind lost like 40 lbs between Xmas and March 1st just from running and watching his food intake. I think he did Weight Watchers, at least as far as counting his calories and stuff. He started running like 15 miles a week, ran a 1/2 marathon in San Antonio on Feb. 15th, and is competing in a triathlon (not an Ironman), on April 26th.


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here's and idea. why dont you go on walks with her around a park or something. Its healthy and gets you closer to your girl. help talk about stuff you or her might have on your mind. I did it with mrs taco and i found it pretty relaxing and made for good bonding time.


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haha the P90X infomercials are on right now. blah, just another billy blanks.

have you actually tried the p90x workout... i saw the infomercial and torrented the vids... its a really hard workout (to me anyways, but i'm not really in shape) .. goodluck on the workout B.. it about killed me


the routine is no joke. I previewed a bunch last night.

you know its no joke when the 3 or 4 guys who are in the video in great shape are out of breath and sweating bullets. lol

Thanks for the support so far. I've only had one cig so far today. Usually by now i'm on 6 or 7. figure i'll have a handful today, less tomorrow, and by the end of the week be free of it


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You've set the bar high as far as your goal. 50 pounds in 90 days is no joke, even if you shed it fast.

All I can say is watch your portion size, that's my main problem. I only eat about 2 meals a day, but the portions are large so I'm not really cutting down on my calorie intake.

I wish you good luck on losing weight and reaching your goal, but even more if you can kick the cig addiction. :thumbsup:


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I've actually used P90X and ill stand by it, it truly does what it says it does if you are faithful and actually do the everyday work outs and follow the nutrition plan it gives you.


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How are you at swimming? It's one of the best exercises you can do for total body involvement and cardio together.

When I became a student instructor at kung fu I was already in great shape, and weighed about 135 (I'm 5'8"). I was in EVERY class, training hard 6 days a week (I still am, and will be for the next couple years) but anyway, I lost pretty much every bit of fat that was on my body. My weight went down to maybe 128 or so, and now I'm working my way up. My goal is 165, and I'm bouncing between 145 and 150 now. I've started incorporating large, multi-muscle lifts with heavy weight to start building. I think my legs are what are going to have to grow to hold most of that weight. I'm doing squats, dead lift, clean and press, etc. Plus, I'm eating everything I can get my hands on. The problem with my situation is that it's near impossible to take in more calories than I burn off....

Those kind of exercises are great even for your goals because they involve the whole body. Just reduce the amount of weight and up the number of reps per set. Take shorter breaks in between sets too. As far as your back is concerned, get a lifting belt, or an equivalent, even if the weight you're lifitng is light. Airing on the side of caution will help ensure that you're building the muscle properly, which will ultimately support you better. Posture is extremely important when doing ANY kind of exercise.