ungodly horsepower in a turbo si

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Originally posted by rixXxceboy@Oct 19 2002, 12:16 AM
holy shit! what did he do to acheive that? I saw an ad for new 2002 civic si's going for $15,800 in the paper today. tempting.

thats what i was wondering, but those new SI's look like ass
no i mean em

si's have a diff chassis designation
i know of a b16 (resleeved, stock bore) that put down 406hp and 275 torque here in tampa.

and the car has more...or so i'm told...the kid's a ricer, i've seen the car, sounds mean as hell, but its fast as fuck. 11's, consistently, is what i'm told with slicks.

anyway, its possible, just need the right tuning and a big enough turbo with an intercooler.
that picture has been around...

its actually from a sega ad years back....

Chet had it in his sig for a while
omfg that would be an crazy car to ride in let alone drive i would have a hard time keeping it on the road with that much power i want it i want it
i bet that car can drive circles around my car at the track during a race