UNofficial TEXAS honda swap meet?

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Hey! I've noticed that there are alot of people from Texas around here. I thought it would be fun if we could get together for a cruise. Maybe hit up a track and/or dragstrip somewhere around here. Any ideas?

I can't host it, of course.. I live in Brownwood and there are no tracks within an hour and a half of this place. I know several back roads that make for great drives (twisty, hilly, very technical) but they aren't legal racing spots. I don't want to host a ticket fest.

Any ideas? I'm willing to help out however I can!


When are you thinking? I am going to be back in about a month, and my car should be there about a month after that.


A Texas meet would definitely be cool.

Houston = one decent drag strip, TX Motorsports Ranch opening up soon, TX World Speedway close by
DFW = one decent drag strip (1/4), TX Motorsports Ranch there too

I think it would be pretty sweet to have just a general meet, but a track day or HPDE where we all get together would be badass too.

One thing that would be badass would be a group getting together at the Mazda Zoom Zoom Live! event. There's one in Houston on 9/24-9/25, and one in Dallas on 10/1-10/2.

I'm signed up for:

Houston 9/24 (Saturday) 11am
Dallas 10/1 (Saturday) 9:15am <-- sign up!!!

If anyone can register and meet me out there at a similar run time, it could be a nice mini-meet. I'll also be in Houston tomorrow for a BMW event at Reliant Part @ 10:30am, so shoot me a message if you'd like to meet up there too. The time window will be pretty slim though.
I didn't have any timeframe in mind.. maybe in the next few months.

I would love to get some track time, (twisties, etc) If there are any places in texas that do that. I haven't heard of any.

Anyway, I've done some racing at Ennis, TX. That is a really nice strip.

Abilene, TX has a 1/8th mile. I hate 1/8th mile.


Well, sign up for the Mazda event and meet me out there.

Track time with twisties = HPDE = TX World Speedway or Motorsports Ranch. The Drivers' Edge is usually the organization that puts together the most events. Cost typically runs about $300-350 for the weekend, and then you have to prep the car a bit (tech inspection) and make sure you have a legal helmet (SA2000, M2000). It's fun as hell though, and definitely worth the money.


Arizona if by far the worst. Although tx does take FOREVER to get through.

I'm about 3 hours outside of dallas/ft worth.. not a bad drive at all! Maybe we can hit up ennis or something.