Upper Cowell Needed For 93 Civic

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Hello all,
Let me just say what a Great forum you have going here. I have been able to find a great Deal of Information on here.

Im looking for the upper cowell between the Windshield and hood for a 93 Civic DX. The one I had got cracked in an on Track incedent last fall. We Race a Circle Track division and the Tech Shack said we must have one on the car. We did make one out of sheet metal to finish out or Season but the orignal Plastic one is a ton lighter. If you have a spare just layin around Im interested in it!!

We have had a ton of fun with this Honda adventure. Being used to working on GM V8's we were verry supprized to find how Simple the Honda's are to work on and how inter-changeable most of the Parts are. We have transplanted alot of parts just to make this thing go faster. Changed out the 8 Valve Head to a 16 Valve. Bigger intake and throttle body. Our local track requires us to remain stock to the naked eye. No Coilovers but its amazing what you can do by cutting a coil off of a spring. :D

Anyhow if anyone can help let me know. Also any other input on making this Beast faster would be helpful.