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alright the deal is a customer wants me to wire up a greddy profec e01 in the civic i just put together for him the problem is he got it used and it doesnt have the harness that goes from the controller to the valve i need to know how i can hot wire that in
i also have a aem eugo that is you guessed it is missing the harness so i need to hot wire that up to give me any help u got as soon as possible


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From the sounds of it, stolen would be a better word than used.

I'd call the companies and see if they can send you the manual via email or if they have it online. Then you could sit down and figure it out on your own and see what you need to splice/solder/create.


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E-01 is best used as an emanage programmer as opposed to just a boost controller.

check ebay for the harnesses and wiring you need.


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ive got the manual i just need to know it where i can take it to get it tuned and the manual isnt getting it done