Vibrating Badly

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Senior Member
I have an 89 Civic CRX HF, and before i got new tires, when i hit the brakes and when over 55 my front left tire would rattle bad, i checked and it was on there very good, i got new tires n rims and it still does it, what could it be? berring? not sure... well thanks
try seeking the problem in the wheel bearing. besides that, look at lower control arms, suspension, and steering components.
U also might want to check your rotor to see if its warped. Mine was doing the some thing and i ended up having to get new rotors.
sounds like warped rotors to me
if not then its probly a fucked up axle .... do you notice clicking when you turn?
vibrating or your wheel actually moving left - right, or moving around the steering axis?

minor to moderate vibration could be the pads/rotors, but wheel movement can be due to a loose control arm/steering linkage. When the brakes take the tension off the steering system, the slack is released and the wheel will move violently. check around. Otherwise it is just most likely your pads or rotors.