whats vibrating your eardrums?

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lol. indeed it is. But, Ive mostly been listening to rap lately, easier to just listen with headphones and enjoy the beats, and then Rammstein dropped the new album so I had to switch over. It is a damn good album.
This is more of a "what I've been watching on YouTube" but this guy is pretty entertaining if you like real rap/hip hop...https://youtube.com/c/HarryMack
I'm stoked blessthefall is back. They went on hiatus in 2019 and i thought they were done. Then out of nowhere, they release this banger.

So many good bands out there. Dayseeker, I Prevail, Catch Your Breath, Wage War, Silent Theory, Memphis Mayfire, Fame on Fire, Ice Nine Kills, Kingdom Collapse, Falling in Reverse, Nerv, A Day to Remember From Ashes to New, Through Fire, We Came as Romans, Slaves, Architects, Caskets, Fire from the Gods, Like A Storm, Zero 9:36, Of Mice and Men, Starset, Asking Alexandria

I can go on and On.

I've really been into Bad Omens with the Death of Peace of Mind Album. They made a whole acapella version too which is just mind-blowing IMO.

dude, we're gong to shows soon. can't ever find anyone to go with because they don't get down to harder music. i didn't know you were into that. i thought you did country. lol

bad omens is awesome. hate their new fan base though. all 14 year old girls asking what to wear to a first concert. fuck.
and here i am still going to see third eye blind and offspring...

Nothing wrong with that. 3EB's self-title debut is a banger of a record. Listenable (is that a word?) from front to back. I have it on vinyl.

I've heard a few recent Offspring songs and wasn't impressed, but they've got a great back catalogue too.

I've got tickets for Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, and Steve Miller later on this summer.
Discovered Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires and others) while browsing Youtube and Spotify a few weeks on travel. Amazing pipes!