Viruses suck

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My computer was messed up yesterday. what was happening was i would send an IM than after three IM's that i sent a hyperlink that said something like FREE Porn was sent to the other person looking like i sent it...

HATRICKxxx [10:49 PM]: hi again
StarPrincessxxx [10:49 PM]: miss me?
HATRICKxxx [10:49 PM]: sure did
HATRICKxxx [10:49 PM]: silly, FREE PORN</
StarPrincessxxx [10:49 PM]: sicko
HATRICKxxx [10:49 PM]: that is not mine
HATRICKxxx [10:50 PM]: brother was on the before me
HATRICKxxx [10:50 PM]: lol, FREE PORN
HATRICKxxx [10:50 PM]: what the helll my comp is messed up
HATRICKxxx [10:51 PM]: i just press some button and that pops up
HATRICKxxx [10:51 PM]: tell me what you think about, FREE PORN
HATRICKxxx [10:51 PM]: shit
HATRICKxxx [10:51 PM]: i swear that is not me

Then i do a virus scan and this virus called PE Spaces. 1445 had attached it self to every .exe file and alot of windows filles. All in all 940 files were infected (have alot of programs on computer) I think that i got it from kazaa. Damn internet terroist geeks are :ghey: :fuckyou: I hate when this crap happens
i got my virus scan to scan every night at 3am.. so if i get something thats already out there then ill know about it. and on a kinda related note. All of you using Internet Explorer 5 and 5.01(i think) who havent patched their explorer watch out for BugBear its spreading kinda quick.
i keep getting freaking viruses from Outlook Express emails that like automatically download shit. i run norton antivirus 24/7 but sometimes norton is too late and the virus has already been installed.
yea, someone on the network in the dorms here at UT last year had an infected file shared. it was an outlook file. i didnt even double click it. i clicked once to see what it was and i got fucked. i didnt have anti virus software running. i installed norton and it was nimda. it kept creating porn file and stuff. it was crazy. i had to reformat my shiznit.
wow i spelled somthing wrong again. It would be cool if this board had a spell check. "explanation" i probally spelled that correction wrong to. :worthy: public schooling
Got somethin of the same thing, cept it pulled words off of opened files and randomly typed them in. Then some how messed up my virus scan, and added a few friendly graphics saying you are fucked with a green smiley face on it. In the end i said screw it and reformatted.
I must have gotten multible ones at the same time because the 939 other files that are messed up (all .exe) have this one virus that does not even save itself to anything and just hides in the memory until it is activated june 1st when it peralizes all .exe filles and does not allow the computer to start. My computer is f*3Ked up
i'm kinda amazed.... i've never had a virus, and i dl a ton of things off of kazaa and such...
I have so many trojan viruses quarantined on my computer it isn't even funny. Stupid Kazaa.
Does anyone have the link to a certain site that makes it look like your pc is being reformatted to MAC OS9 ?
Try PC-Cillin from Trend Micro - good cheap and doesn't use a lot of resources. Try Ad- aware to find bad ad cookies and The Cleaner to find trojan horses. I also run Tiny firewall. Some of these are freeware some are shareware and some are payware but they all work - to protect and serve - oh - that's cops - sorry