Vtec Question

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Is it possible to have a automatic transmission with a VTEC engine? If so will the engines performance be the same?
yes. vtec has nothing to do with the tranny. it has to do with the engine's valve timing and valve lift. the engines will perform the same, BUT the automatic has larger, harder-to-get-moving gears, and pre-determined shift points. thats why automatics are slower. also, automatic transmissions use some of the engine's power to help it shift.
i dont know if i believe that myth...

why would honda waste the money to make two separate cams for automatic and manual cars??

if they are machined from a billet block, then that means that they have to have two separate cnc or other machines to do that work and those are expensive... if they only use one.. then they have to change the program to make them...

it just makes more sense that they made one set of cams and put them in all the engines and only the tranny changed... but i could be wrong...
Your right it doesn't make sense,but my old EDM 85 si had a completely different cast iron header than my 86 US spec one,but ya who knows?