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I swaped in a vtec moter into my non-vtec civic. Now i have the p28 vtec computer and I have plugs and the wires for the vtec and the pressure switch... Now i was told that i can wire those directly into the computer by taking out the A4 pin for the vtec solenoid and the D6 pin for the pressure switch but those two wire connections have a wire connected in them already... What do i do with them... do i just replace them with the vtec wire and what do i do with them... thanks... :unsure:
Pissedoffsol, which article answers SID's question on whether he should replace the original wires for those of vtec solenoid and oil pressure?????
i dont know... vtec is such a hassel to me :p thats the pin out of the p28. thats all i can help with.
non-vtec owns me