Wait.... Is That A CRV Engine?

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Hands Off my Balls
I was minding my own business and stalking craiglist and came upon this???

I have a 99 Honda Civic with a b20Z2 swapped into it. As of now it has the CRV transmission as well. I had planned on having a 5spd put in, but with a child on the way,I need to get something a little more kid friendly. It has a skyline R34 body kit. The car runs great, cold AC, and has been a daily driver for the past 2 years. The stock CRV intake manifold is on the engine, but I have an LS intake manifold that will come with the car. It has an AEM cold air intake, rims, good tires, header and 2.5" exhaust to the muffler, and the body is in good condition. I bought the car with 189,000 miles and replaced the engine and transmission at 200,000 miles. The timing belt, water pump, seals, and rings have been replaced. The oil is changed every 2500 miles, and I have been servicing the transmission every 12,500 miles. It has all new suspension, including struts, upper control arms, all ball joints. The CV axles have been replaced as well.

The instrument cluster was replaced and the odometer reads 156,000 miles.

Will post pictures this evening! For more info call 901-359-1981 anytime! more pictures can be found at Honda Civic Picture

So Reall i was just confused... does this sound like someone put the a CRV engine in here? and if so why would you want to do that? is a B20 a good swap or is this just a replaced engine for someone not interested in upgrading?

in my oppinion it sounds like a half decient car. im not trying to diss or anything, but i dont understand.....
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