Was This At All Fair?

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i posted the below thread on www.honda-tech.com in the general discution forum and it was locked by the forum admin and deducted a point from me. she said that it is against forum guidlines, but i read the guidlines four or five times and i dont see anything about posting about money. help me find it, i am having some trouble under understanding all of this. since that is a section of the foum for "general discution" and that is a "general topic". help me out or talk to her for me, her user name is "gsrgrrl". thanks

here it is, check it out: http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=421459
ok i looked at Honda-Tech's Terms of Service and where it has Level 1 Rules under General Forum Conduct its states:

-Heated discussions are permissible however keep it under control at all times

i COULD see where betting WOULD be considered a heated discussion because its definately a controversy starter, but the way the moderator handled it was not right with their response "Lets not go there" to ME was rude. she should have said something along the lines of being more careful on wording your discussion on that subject. like maybe for instance, have a discussion on peoples views on betting on street racing (which we all know street racing is a bad thing but thats another subject). it should have been handled more properly than the way the moderator took care of it.

my suggestion: just be more careful with how you word stuff and you should be fine IMO.

personally, i have no problem with betting, as long as i win the bet :p

i hope that kinda helps ypu out some.
i'm not reffering to street racing, read my sig at the bottom of my post, my web site is www.takeittothetrack.com, i hate street racing and believe it is the most retarded thing you can do in a car. i am refering to betting on races in general, i saw that part of the rules but i dont see how this is concisered a heated discussion. i want somthing to show the main admin of H-T when i apeal it so that i can show him that i'm not the only one that thinks that this is BS. thanks again
they killed the members corner. the new forum is for discussion.debate. they hyad a sticky when it first opened up... posts shoudl contain current events, ideas, and so on.

honda-tech mods are nazi's anyway. post here :)