Way To Slow

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i was wondering if there is any "EASY WAY" i can get more power out of my 88 honda crx HF -d15b6


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Go to your local hobby shop and buy a bottle of 30% Nitro Methane. Add to your fuel tank and enjoy. Of course it only works once. :)

Note: Neither Hondaswap nor myself are responible for damage to you, your car, or anything else around if you actually try this.


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lol, i should try that on my winter beater and then send it to the junkyard


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Hell, go crazy and run 100% nitro. You'd have the only 1300hp Civic around, well for a few seconds anyway.


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Yeah but the only problem would be getting off the line with a stock drivetrain. That would be some serio0us stock clutch slippage there. LOL


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has anyone ever done that for real? i just want to see someone do it and blow the fucker up. i would love to do it, but i dont have 1000 bucks to waste on a pos, it would be fun though, im the destructive type, lol.
lol this thread is so off topic. i know its a rerun, but he didnt get much info last time either.

basic performance bolt ons are: hi-flow intake (air filter upgrade); hi-flow muffler and/or exhaust; header.
if you can do the head swap (as described in the reference section article), it would be cheaper. and you can add the bolt-ons later. it sounds like maybe the head swap might be a litle too much for u to consider right now, since u are asking about basic/easy mods.

guidelines for the basic bolt-ons:

its best to buy them in this order: 1) hi-flow intake 2) header 3) hi-flow muffler and/or larger exhaust piping (i would suggest no larger than 2" for your stock hf engine, to prevent too much backpressure loss).

here are some very good, reputable (and not cheap) brands to check out:

for intakes/air filters: AEM, K&N, injen

for headers: DC sports, chikara, greddy

for mufflers/exhaust systems: apex, tanabe, greddy