What Do You Pay For Gas?

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I paid 1.75 for 93 octane yesterday in stanton michigan

what's your going rate?
If i want GOOD 93, i have to pay 2.03. If i want decent gas, its around 1.75-1.80 for 90-92. Depending on the station, the octane available varies.
you guys are all lucky... i paid $2.14 for 87 octane, at an Arco which is some of the cheapest gas out there... San Francisco gas prices are just ridiculous...
2.04 for 93 octane here in WA. And the prices have come down a good bit too.
cant beat me here in south cali. 2.25 for 91 octane on the NAVAL BASE. ahh. eff a gas price. lets all walk.
ha ur getting raped.....

i paid 2.09 for 87 in So. Cali. Hermosa Beach area
1.69-1.79 for 87 in CT, and 1.58 for 87 in Western Mass when I work up there.
i paid 1.99 9/10 for 87 last night at the flying J station in lodi