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Aight, im plannin on getting a new ride soon, and i dont know which ride to get out of these three choices,
99-00 hatchback, w jdm b16 motor (92-95 del sol)
99-00 civic si coupe
97-00 Gsr
which one would be easier/cheaper to break into 13's all motor...

Thanks im a newb btw... :)
dont put a b16aSIRii engine in a 99-00 hatch, instead get the b16a2 (if you want the b16) the SirII is obd1 and your car is obd2, the other way is not hard but
obd2-obd1, not good,
obd1-obd2, easy.

Instead of puting the b16 in there, put the b18c, much better engine.
ok lets say i get the hatch w/JDM B16A1, how much will it cost for everything except the install, the gsr is kinda too expensive for me right now
well $1850 w/out axles at osaka..... so i just figured 2000 after axles