Which transmission!?

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Its not often that i don't know exactly what i want or what in my car or what direction i want to take this project. but here i am: stuck!

First, i guess some background information would be helpful. I'm swapping a D15B (the OBD2 one with 3 VTEC cam profiles) into my '90 DX. With a little bit of work, its going to be my 50 + mpg, 150 hp daily driver/parts chaser. So far, I've got the engine, The wiring is finally taken care of, but now I'm looking at transmission choices.

I know i could just rebuilt my (broken) stock transmission, but i REALLY don't want to be messing with the weak shifter forks etc. On the other hand, though, if i use an EG/EK transmission, i'll have to deal with the whole hydraulic/cable issue. If i do take the latter route, I definitely want to convert the car to hydraulic as opposed to converting the transmission to cable. The final issue is my choice of axles. I'd really like to be able to exploit the benifits of an equal length setup. Will i have the option of using equal length axles on any of these transmissions?

So which transmission should i use? my criteria are as follows:

1. Reliability--I don't want to have to mess with it for at least 100k miles.
2. Ease of installation--The EF trans drops right in; the EG/EK needs some work.
3. Performance--I want to play around with gear ratios, axle choices, and maybe an LSD
4. Cost--This is a budget build (spent about 1000 so far. don't want to go over 1500 if i don't have to)

Any imput at ALL would be helpful!
The hasport cable to hydro kit is simple but is about 300. For fuel mileage I would say an hf cable would be the best overall. As far as axles I would use stock if you only have 150hp. 89-95 single cam axles are the same I believe. I know they have same spline count and are all the same on trans side. I have all eg motor trans and axle and ef hub. works fine so far.
First let me start by saying that the motor does not have 3 VTEC cam profiles. It has 1 VTEC cam profile just like all the other VTEC cams. It does however, have a 3 Stage VTEC system. But I guess you could say it has 2 profiles lol.

Here, just so you can get familiar with the 3 Stage VTEC: Honda - VTEC - 3-Stage VTEC

Now on to the gas mileage. The motor itself is capable of 50+ mpg in stock form but that also includes the use of it's properly matched tranny. You're trying to get 150 WHP out of this motor will lower the MPG's some and you're also looking to use a tranny with equal length axles. The only tranny for d series that I can think of off the top of my head that uses equal length axles is the JDM ZC tranny. This tranny uses an intermediate shaft with equal length axles. The axles you use in this case are non abs 90-93 Integra axles. If you go the ZC tranny route, your MPG's will suffer a little bit more since the tranny is geared short. Similar to the D16a6 tranny. You also said you wanna play around with gear ratios, that will set your MPG's back as well. If you want the best of both worlds, I say get a Si cable tranny and throw a HF fifth gear in it. Since you have a budget, going hydro and/or getting an LSD is out of the question. If you need more tranny info talk to K2e2vin, he knows more about d series trannies than I do. I'm a B Series guy :)

And reliability shouldn't even be a question at all. We are talking Hondas here :D
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Thanks for the input!

my mistake, it has only 2 profiles, but the first is used for 8v/16v operation, and the second is for the "kick in the pants" part.

I'm aware of the capabilities of this engine. i'm not sure what transmission exactly it was matched to, but i'm fairly certain it wasn't geared like an HF. It did have the CVT transmission, but that's another story altogether. I was considering closer 1-3 ratios, and then taller 4th and 5th gears for cruising and nice MPGs.

i want to use the equal length axles because of their obvious performance benefits. if i can justify getting a hydro tranny, i am willing to drop money on that. i'd like a newer transmission just for the peace of mind it affords. also, when i begin to work again, i would like the option of the lsd options i mentioned earlier.

who needs cable/phone service when you can have a sweet transmission?!
if ur gonna keep cable i would use d16a6 tranny but if ur gonna convert to hydro i would use the tranny from the d16z6 four door eg`s.. those z6 gears are long