Will This Bolt In?

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I have a 97' D16Y7 motor, trans,intake,exhaust,ecu., will this motor bolt right in my 90'CRX HF , what are the wiring diffrences if any, Can anyone help me with any information on this swap.

Thanks alot BNThomas1978@aol.com
you will need to wire for VTEC as well as convert for an OBD-2 engine in an OBD-0 car should be doable but a pain in the ass and IMO not worth it for the 127hp that the engine has
no no-- thats the y8 E. the y7 is the DX motor. no vtec.

which makes the swap even less worthwhile, and an overall pain in the balls.
I highly do not recomeend it. there are much better optins for the time and hack job that that is going to turn into
i've done a similar swap for a guy who blew his motor and just needed to swap in a motor to drive. Its pretty easy actually with no headaches. Just use your distributor and fuel injectors. You'll either have to run a longer wire to the Y7's coolant temp sensor or take the one out of your HF block and put it in the Y7 block. For performance purposes you can just use the Y7's intake manifold, exhaust manifold and just plug the map sensor into the one on top of the Y7 throttle body(if thats where it is on your Y7). It isn't a lot of work and the motor will bolt up right to your HF tranny. For the most performance you might wanna find an A6 (88-91 Civic/CRX Si) tranny and ecu. They can be picked up for under 200 dollars and are recommended for the most performane. Going from 67 horsepower to 106 horsepower is 40 more horsepower than you have and would be a good cheap upgrade without a lot of hassle.