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:huh: well i'm just about finished with my swap. i have 91 crx w/ a b16. all i have to do is wire the O2 sensor & knock to the ecu. but the problem i'm having is i tried to start it but the engine doesn't even kick over. could it be the starter? also my ecu is throwing codes. it starts off w/ the red light on for a second & turns off & after a second or 2 the red light blinks 6 times consecitivly. any suggestions would be great. thanx ;)
Originally posted by pills_PMD@Nov 10 2002, 11:07 PM
jdm b16 sir II's dont have knock sensors??

Well if thats wrong- fuck hybrid site- cuz they posted that 'no jdm dohc vtec motors have knock sensors'


serves me right for reading there
i don't have a knock sensor? the shop where i got this engine and wiring harness said i have to wire it in to the ecu! what the fuck. i hate shops and are not dealing with them again!!!!! every shop i talk to tells me something different, what fuking gives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to delsol sir whats the distriber?
i just talked to shop called APG Performance in chicago. they said i do need to wire knock b/c of the ecu i'm using and the year of my car. any thoughts please let me now.
if a shop doing a motor swap doesn't know how to do a swap, why do they even offer installations? OMG... I have no idea your problem, i just wanted to voice my opinion. Good luck on getting the problem solved..
i'm doing the swap myself. anyone know whwere i can getr a new starter for a b16a- jdm engine. besides auto parts store and honda.