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West West Yall
My 1990 Si hatch feels like it has a 40hp gain over my other 1991 Si hatch. Here are the specs of both cars.

1990 Si:
-Stock to the bone.
-1989 Si 5 speed tranny because it used to be an automatic.

1991 Si:
-Mini-Me (D16A6 block, D16Z6 head).
-Its not tuned yet.
-Its on a 1988 DX 5 speed tranny.
-Short ram intake.
-Restricted exhaust (small diameter)
-D16A6 head gasket (thicker than the D16Z6 one)
-DX D15B2 exhaust manifold (if it makes a difference)

Both cars are the same weight and both cars have the same compression.

In a drag race I'd bet $1000 for the 1990 winning. The 1990 is also so much more responsive in the lower RPMs. Do you think when I get a D16Z6 headgasket on, the Si tranny, a Si header (if its different than a DX one) and get it tuned it will kick my 1990's ass?


West West Yall
The 1990 also has power steering and a sub in the back (going away).
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