WTV: black Honda Civic stealies

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hey all, i am looking for a set of 14" Honda Civic stealies...the black ones. if any of you all have some that you want to sell for cheap, please let me know...
Hey, I have like 3 silver ones with brand new tires....off of a 89 civic hatch. I acquired mine for burning out fun...but you can get them at like any junkyard, like a honda one or anything, just make sure you measure em out and they are 4x100 or what you need because I didn't and I only ended up with 3 that worked.
how much you willing to spend? I have some 14's with Brand NEW* Good year tires. Let me know!
i dont necessarily need tires....just rims. but if u willing to let rims and tire go cheap...let me know how much you want for em