You Can boost a D16A6?

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I have a t25 that i wanna put on my A6, and i need to get the other stuff for the turbo like IC and pipeing and BOV and such....... I say around 500 bucks done right w/ fuel management it will be perfect!
intercooler piping and a bov will cot you will over 500 bucks dude...
fuel management another 500 after you add pumps, injectors, and then either FMU's and so on with an air/fuel controller or hondata.

then theres the missing link for the map sensor or a GM 3-bar if you go over 11 psi, and then....

the list adds up fast.
you could probably do it yourself for under a grand i highly suggest going to they turbo all sorts of engines using parts you can get at a junk yard im doing a similar set up myself on my 94 ex let you know how it turns out
I'v done the home made turbo job on my last crx, and I did it as cheap as possible. Here's my list ( trust when I say you probably won't get any cheaper).
88 crx si 600.00
D16y7 out of a 99 civic 400.00 (staight block)

Turbo 175.00 (excellent conditon t25)
dsm intercooler 30.00 (small but worked well with setup)
a/f and boost guages 100.00 ( the two must haves)
vortech 8:1 fmu 140.0 (new: perfect ratio)
oil line 20.00 (home depot brass fitting and copperline) don't recommend
dsm bov 20.00
act hd pressure plate withstock disc 189.00 (yes it will hold)
full custom 2.5 inch exhuast 140.00 (a quiet dodge intrepid muffler)
walboro hp/hf fuel pump 118.00 (a must)
6 check valves 20.00 (pet smart)
rubber adapter for intake plumbing 70.00 (home depot)
variety of exhaust pipes off of junk cars was used for plumbing (got these for free)

I believe thats about it. I think thats around 1000 bucks but until you at least have every one of these parts you'll run like crud.
I daily drove it with the stock wastgate (9 psi) on 93 octane fuel with 3 degrees retard timing and with slicks I ran 13.02 at 105 mph with a mixture of race gas(same boost and yes 12's were possible i just didn't get it). But I highly recommend not boosting anymore than 10psi on the street or at the track on stock internals. I hope this helps out .
oh ya i forgot

For my manifold I used the stock d16y7 manifold and cut it off right above the stock catilytic converter an then had a flange welded to it to mate it to the turbo and ported and polished manifold and turbo. This worked out great for me and I would highly recommend it. This cost me a total of 25.00 for the weld.