Z6 Block Guard

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can anyone tell me where to get one and what exactly does it do for my engine? i was told i need one for my turbo setup.
i have Rage block gaurd on my motorwww.raceeng.com, good for about 18-20psi boost, i guess from what i have heard, nuformz makes a pretty good block gaurd
p.s. if you look at my gallery, you can see the blockgaurd in the pic of the top of the block
They are on eBay all the time, I'm not sure what brand, or quality. But i'm pretty sure they are descent. Check them out. There are a lot on there.
Do a search for block guard, B (pissedoffsol) gave the website to that company, i just dont remember where the thread was.

It makes the block stronger by closing the space in the deck. I'm not sure of the brand in the picture but it gives you the idea.