Zc + D16z6?

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does anyone know if a d16z6 engine will bolt up to a ZC tranny?
If a zc motor can bolt to a crx si tranny with no problems, and a z6 motor can bolt to a crx si tranny then why wouldn't this work.
are you referring to the ZC SOHC VTEC or the ZC DOHC non-vtec, well either way they will both work, but heres the catch if your car is a civic from the year 92up you have a hydraulic tranny and the 91and lower civics use a cable shifted transmission. You can but i wouldn't advise due to the extra work to put a cable tranny in a hydro car and vise versa. The ZC sohc vtec is hydro and the Zc dohc is cable, but i am going to guess the zc you are referring to is the dohc version. but tell me the car and situation you are proposing and i can give you more info.
i would like to know if the dohc will bolt up also, and sorry for the wrong info man. and are the gear ratio's better than a 88 to 91 si civic trany? thanks? :D :D
yes it will most if not all d series trannies are interchangeable
Don't forget to change axles, the ZC-DOHC requires Integra axles, they have a half shaft, and the CRX don't, good luck.
Aren't the zc's also D series and if so doesn't that mean,they also use one piece axles? :huh: Just nod up and down.
not to hijack, but which engine would you recommend using of these two?