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I planning on doing a ZC swap and before I put it in I'm going to put in some pistons and rods. I am looking at SRP Forged Piston Set 2.963" Bore | 3.543" Stroke | 5.394" Rod | -3.2cc Dish. These are pistons are for the D16Z6, but I was wondering if they would fit. Also looking at the Eagle H-Beam Connecting Rods. Does anyone have any suggestions or do these look like a good idea? Thanks for the help.
I had my Zc built, the zc uses d16a1 rods, Crower part #cr-b93726b, je makes custom pistons, i had a set made at 9.5.1 ratio, i think je has a off the shelf 9.1 pistons(srp) all the internal parts are the same as the 88-89 integra, as for headstuds, if you go with arp, dont buy the vw headstuds as some sites say fit, they dont! the 89 integra ones fit. as for rod bearings, they are color coded, i had to get some shipped from japan , i just finished breaking in the engine, turbo goes on in the spring.....I hate Snow!!