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    late night whore thread

    its 1:03pm here in scotland!
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    S14 240sx swap info
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    Smog Inspection - Tuning, Anyone

    I had the same problem last month. my HC's were high at idle. if you want a quick fix to get your sticker you can try a 2:1 mix of denatured alcohol and gas. worked for me. also, when setting your timing, the service connector should be jumped to stop the ecu from pulling timing.
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    lol- i got owned

    you save your convos?
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    movie shot with a still camera
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    The National Titile that wasn't

    for someone who loves football so much, you must know that USC can't challenge a call, right? vince was down inside the 10 i believe, UT would have scored anyway. Trojans... Can Prevent STD's. Can't Prevent VinceTD's!
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    power steering to manual

    i'm not 100% sure, but to swap a power-assited to manual rack in a 5th gen civic, the crossmember has to be changed also. i think the mounting points are different or something. i'll try and find some more info on it. i would take b16 and Esol's advice and loop the rack. realtime racing did...
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    The National Titile that wasn't

    boo whoo, the trophy is in austin. get fucked.
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    will an obd1 engine harness function in an obd2a car?

    it will only work for obdII intergras. the obdII civic's harness doesnt split at the firewall on the passenger side like earlier civics and integras.
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    hi def movies... they're here :)

    sell your dvd player too
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    will an obd1 engine harness function in an obd2a car?

    yea, everything will plug in and run fine. but when the diag. port is hooked up to the odbII computer checker thing at inspection time, the odbI ecu wont communicate with it. he should check as this could become a hassle for him at inspection time.
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    will an obd1 engine harness function in an obd2a car?

    yep, that'll work. i dont know if this is required where you live, but here, on obdII vehicles, the diagnostic port is checked at inspection time. you might want to look into that.
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    Converting a P28 to run a 1-wire O2 sensor...

    sounds like a solid theory. give it a try! the jumper harness should be ready to accept a 4 wire o2 sensor, you'll probably want to put one in sooner or later.
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    new aim virus going around...

    just got this one. it says see my new years pics or see my new years resolutions. i ran the pif in VMware and it runs a polling keylogger and does bad things to your registry. DO NOT CLICK THIS. DO NOT CLICK THIS.
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    next buy for the condo--- a new bed

    its pretty hard to fuck up a boxspring, its just a pine frame with fruity fabric over it
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    next buy for the condo--- a new bed

    native americans didnt use matresses silly there is other relatively cheap shit at ikea
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    Bought a auto JDM LS,HELP......

    how does your 'mechanic' know its an engine from an automatic car?
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    next buy for the condo--- a new bed

    you can get something like this for cheap: click me
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    my friend's integra ls

    i love the basketball. what kind of wheels did he have?
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