1998 Integra RS Build (B20z2)

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You said you had problems installing the engine, right? You had to shim the transmission mount? Maybe the front end of the car is cock-eyed from a bad wreck; that misalignment could be causing all sorts of issues.
@hondarin That's a strong possibility. I read that CRV axles are slightly longer but the hub size is difference, I wonder if I could take a CRV shaft and mix it with the integra hubs and get a little extra length that might make it fit better
Got 5 people interested in looking in the car... unfortunately i went out of town so I couldn't show it. Any advice going forward for showing the car? Idk if my insurance would cover the car on a "Test drive" and idk i'd trust a random person... just need some basic guidance. thanks guys.
Let them drive but you ride along. If they want to open it up, find a spot with no traffic and give them a RPM limit they should not exceed.
Also, if you're doing the driving, you don't want to outright beat on it in front of a prospective buyer. Take off easy, roll into full throttle, don't bang off the Rev limiter, don't abuse the clutch.
@CAFROG That's solid advice I like it but I think ima try and see if i can drive to show it. If not that's the way to do it though.

@hondarin Yeah when I drive the car myself I never go too crazy on it on public roads if I wanna play around I usually shift first to second pretty normally and run 2nd gear out and drop it into 5th when im done to cruise. It's a convincing little car from 5k-6.5k rpms I feel like I'd want to show that off

On the bright side it seems to like the new axle this one just seemed to fit a little better than the last one