2002 or newer engine in a 97 lx

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here is my situation. Ihave a 97 lx that ok fine, but has very high mileage (over 250,000) I am going to start med school in january and dont want to have to worry about fixing it while in school. compound that with rising fuel costs and I have decided to put in an HX or Vx engine. I have been looking on line and I can get a 1.7L vtec e from a 2002+ hx for the same price as the other 2. I would mind having the extra power, but I was wondering if it is a tougher swap then the other 2 would I just need the ECU and wiring hareness?
Thanks for your help
its all about OBD......just find a long block with less miles and the same obd as the one you have now....d series engines are cheap and very available....
Well, I am not too familiar with OBD.... I know mine is OBD II, but I am not familiar with what the 2002 or newer civics run.
I am looking at the VTEC E from the 2002 and up civics because they get such good gas mileage plus more horsepower then the previous VTEC E engine.