2005 Civic may be having issues

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I haven't been too hard on my new car. Anyway Over the past 2 weeks the car has been requiring a few seconds with key the key in the start position to until it finally starts. Normally it was maybe about 1.5 seconds in the start position, now it is around 3-4 seconds. I believe this is only happening when the car has been sitting for a few hours.
I changed the oil and filter. Changed the air cleaner. I only put 93 as well. I guess my next step would be to change the spark plugs. if that doesn't do it I will change the fuel filter. Anyone else have any ideas as to what else would be causing this problem?

EDIT.. Just checking this.. For the plugs I am looking on www.ngk.com and it says the OEM plugs are "NGK Double Platinum 3271 PZFR6F-11 0.044 "Original Equipment Manufacture and/or Original Equipment Service part." $11.71"

Kinda pricey I think
Originally posted by EGProject@May 16 2005, 01:10 PM
New car? Trouble starting? Take it back to the dealer. It's probably under warranty, and won't cost you anything.
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I agree w/ EGProject.............

Or loose cable from battery.......
Originally posted by starboy869@May 16 2005, 04:38 PM
You think $11 is kinda pricey for sparkplugs ???
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Heck yeah for OEM spark plugs. These aren't coming from honda these are just normal spark plugs