2014 Veloster Turbo

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Bit early for snow tires no???
is it though? i put them on in june when i was cleared to drive again. my street tires are good for another 500 miles, tops lol and my next two events are TSMP AX which is about 20 minutes away.
so i feel a decision has been made, maybe in march/april it will be time to trade up. cars may be cheaper at that point as well.

i'm thinking a 2019 civic si. somewhere around 20K for a decent specimen a few hundred miles away.

i like the VelosterN but it is now discontinued; elantra N is "bigger than my jetta. also price.

like the VW GTI but price and upkeep are rough, not comparably so to my jetta.

like the corolla XSE hatch but price is high and performance is low. GR corolla is cool but too highly priced.

like the mini cooper but no more manuals for 2020 and newer. jcw gets an auto as well. also price.

what do you all think?
Was looking at the GR Corolla online today that thing seems pretty badass
Though it hurts me on an emotional level that tuned up eco boxes (badass as they may be) are fetching $45k+
Need to see and hear one in the wild but pics and video were impressive
i would love a GR yaris..... but we get fucked with the cool stuff as usual, like the i20n

prices are insane. I've spec'ed out some pickups to 95,000. lol it's absolute shit show.

eggs are $5 a dozen too though, so it is what it is i guess.

Is this to be the auto-x'er going forward? I guess i would start with some research on competitive cars in the class and go from there.

GR is cool on paper, not sure how it will be in the real world. looks, tiwtchy? is the word that comes to mind with that short wheelbase. Maybe that's a positive.

Manual options are slim to none as well. it's either the base of base models or the highest end sports car you/we can't afford.
perhaps yes.. i'm getting edged out by LSD cars in my class lol

some tires and brakes maybe a few QOL updates more or less.
im in the 20-25k range so thats either a gently beaten N or a GTI with 100k on it.
add the features i like and its up over 40 for the autobahn. what a waste of money, for 40 i would get a GR corolla.

the choice is easier when you get to drive all sorts of new cars all the time. makes it easy to weed out the ones that do not spark joy.
base prices are such a joke.

Starting at $X

but the time you add a radio and floor mats, its $XXX
yah well 19 Si coupe is what i am going to do, the prices have been dropping hopefully they hit bottom and then some in the next few months :)

Excellent. Join me as one of the few OG's still in a Honda, lol.
Forgot to order the oil cooler last oil change so I did this time so I can change it next oil change. There is a gasket up there you can’t buy separately …

Swapped the tires on the Jetta too. It just got an oil change and VW wanted 700 bucks to do an engine decarb. Mind you we cut the intervals in half I should check a cylinder or two with my scope. Maybe if they didn’t go 10k between changes they wouldn’t carbon up.

Got all the wheels to fit by staggering them instead of the one odd 235 out on the floor.

Also check out my new pellet stove we are going to install in the spring.