5th gen (EG) HatchBack chassis specs

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5th Gen Hatchback Specifications

By: chet hewitt

*Keep in mind these specifications are straight from Honda.

1992 Honda Civic Hatchback Specifications

CX hatchback: 2094lbs.
VX hatchback: 2094lbs.
DX hatchback: 2178lbs.
Si hatchback: 2326lbs

Key Differences:

*The CX and VX have a 10-gallon tank, while the DX and Si have the 11.9-gallon tank.

*Si and DX have a Rear wiper/washer

*Si and Dx have more tar for increased quietness in cabin.

*Si and Dx have side moldings and rear cargo cover standard.

*Si came with power mirrors, power sun roof.

*Si came with rear disc brakes, while DX, VX, CX came with rear drums.

*Si came with front, rear sway bars standard.


Keep in mind these cars were weighed in stock trim. This means no air conditioning or radio because it was not a standard option in any vehicle. The VX and Si were the only hatchbacks to come with 2 mirrors and a tachometer as standard equipment. For wheels, the VX came with 9lb thirteen-inch alloy wheels while the CX and DX had thirteen inch steel wheels. The Si had the heaviest wheels coming with fourteen inch steel wheels with hubcaps.

So with this in mind, which hatchback is the best for a motor swap? Well, its widely accepted that the VX makes the best vehicle for a swap because its lightweight, has a passenger side mirror, has a tachometer, and is always pre-wired for VTEC. However, it really depends on what type of car you want to start with. For the best handling car in stock trim, the Si hatchback will be the best. Front/Rear sway bars along with rear disc brakes make for a nice package, despite its heaviness. In the end it’s a compromise, make your decision accordingly.

Hopefully this will help clear up any confusion about the options on these hatchbacks and their differences. Please note that the specifications didn’t really change between the years of 1992 through 1995 so most information listed here holds true for all 5th Generation hatchbacks.

Sources: “Hybrid Pollo” Honda Motor Company


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One small addition to this article

The 92 SI was slightly diffrent from the 93-95 SI's. The 92 did NOT have a rear swaybar.