87 Integra RS - best engine swap?

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I'm a total newb. I have an 87 Integra RS with a D16. I'm considering an engine swap. For the extra power and ease of finding parts. What would be the cheapest and simplest way to go? Least amount of wiring, customizing and all that. Rather what are my options? I know very very little about any of this. I think I can but in a b16 or a b18. I have no idea what OBD means. I'm a total newbie! Any help would be appreciated. Any websites I can read or anything. I'm gathering information. Help?
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That definitely gives me a good start. I have another question. Would there be any advantage to putting like a B16 or a B18 head or any other higher HP head on my D16 would that make much difference. You'll have to forgive me because I'd usually be into muscle cars so I'm referencing the Boss302 Mustang. On that car it was a 302 block with 351 Cleveland heads. Would I be able to accomplish a similar effect by swapping the head on my D16? Also What after market parts are interchangeable. I'm used to muscle cars again so like a small block chevy all parts are interchangeable. Can I put headers from a B series on my D series? I'm really looking to gather info of any cheap upgrades I can do. I'm just beginning to dive into this kinda stuff. Any ideas?
nothing B series will fit anything D series. there is no interchangability between them.
Wow... so I really have near NO options, other than a swap. There is no other D series stuff that would be beneficial is there?
Wow... so I really have near NO options, other than a swap. There is no other D series stuff that would be beneficial is there?

You can turbo your D16, but as far as head swaps or that type of thing, yeah you're pretty much SOL.

And just FYI, OBD refers to "on board diagnostics." It's your engine's emissions monitoring system. The general rule is 96+ is OBD2 (which is the most complex), 92-95 is OBD1 (which is less complex and the most easily tuneable; also there are some pre-92 Honda vehicles that have OBD1, Accords for example), and anything older than that is OBD0.

You have to consider OBD when you do engine swaps because you'll have to deal with the various sensors and ECUs associated with the different engines. First you should figure out exactly what engine you want in your car, and then you pick the best version of that motor for your particular chassis, or you buy a conversion harness to convert the motor to work with whatever OBD setup your chassis is wired for.

Oh, and by the way, Hasport makes a mount kit to put a B16/18 in the 1st-Gen Integra. You'll need to lose your A/C and power steering however, if I remember correctly.
put a b18a1 o b1 in then you have options/ ==LS/VTEC== N/A TURBO or u can put in the rare b17 92-93 gsr and hasport mounts, but yeah really its what you can afford....

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booosting soon