89si Swap

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Junior Member
I have an 89 crx si. I have $2-$3000 to spend. I have done a clutch job solo. Feel competent that I can handle job. Have access to overhead lift, stands, and all tools. What type of swap should I do and should I just pay for convience?
hmm 3000 to spend.... do a b18a and put new pistons/rings in it and have the cylnder honed so it'll be like new, and get a new felpro headset then the rest is bank.
though the B18a is a good choice, it would kinda help if you gave us an idea of your goals, NA, Turbo, HP goals, 1/4 ET goals, etc...

yeah that's why i stopped at b18a with a mild rebuild and said the rest is bank... you'll have like 1000-1500 left if you had 3000 initially
I currently don't have to many goals being new on the import scene. Goal number one: compete competively against V8s, red light to red light. Forced induction has been thought of, but will be about a year or so later if done. I don't want to do a swap that will disappoint me and lead to another swap. Daily driver not pro racing.