92 Acorn Motor Into 5th Gen 93 Civic Ex Sedan

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I have a guy i work with who has a motor like this setup for a turbo i'm interested in...has anyon ever heard of doing or ever done a swap like this b4???
Well an acorn is a nut so it wouldn't do you much good in your car,haha.But you probably meant Accord so yes you can swap it but it is not worth it.There are no mount kits for the F series in a civic that I know of,so you'd have to fab them,not to mention axles,shiftlinkage and all the other good stuff.So you should instead think of a B series swap.
honestly i would myself stick with a b series setup as well for cost and simplicity. but an h22 in a civic is a force to be reckoned with. i assume you have a 5 speed??
Did any of the 92 Accords have a H in them?I thought they had the F22's.
F series into a civic = all the work and money of swapping in an H series with very few of the benefits

IMO its not worth it

get a B series or an H series.... there is a reason people with the F series swap them out for the H series engines