93 Cx Swap

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OK heres my Question. I no u have all heard this before but bare with me. Im wanting to get a motor swap for my 93 cx hatchback. Ive been told that getting a d16z6 and turboing it would be pretty fast. I want to get a motor that i will be ablt to dominate with(after many mods).I also plan o turboing it in the future. I dont really want to spend more than 2k, on the motor. Please tell me what u think aobut the d16z6 ideal, and which b seriers motor would be best for wat im wanting to do. Your advice would help me greately.
well to be honest, you can't really "domintate" with a budget like that. you'll need ALOT more ends if you want to accomplish what you want. but in your situation, you can probably find an LS engine for under 2k then roll around with that set up until you come up on more money to spend on buliding it up, then turboing it down the line.

no one ever said going fast was going to be cheap....

a turboed b18b is going to be much faster and reliable then a turboed d16z6. You can find a b18b for under 2k very eaisly if you look around everywere (junkyards (nation wide), websites, ect) IMO, go with the b18b
Yip,for the money you want to spend a B18B is the best with the most potentiel.You can even find them in you OBD and since they are non vtec it is a snap.