96 Gsr Into 92 Civic Hatch

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I was wondering what I would need to swap a 96 GSR motor into a 92 Civic VX. I have a 95 GSR ecu. I just need to know what wires I need to make this work. Thanks
you are already wired for VTEC ... just use your harness ... you may need to add wires for the secondaries (or you could switch to a single runner intake like the skunk2 and forget the secondaries) and lengthen a few... thats about it
you will need to add a wire for the knock sensor lengthen the vtec wires and add the secondaries like e_solsi said but other than that use the vx harness and plug and play. oh and you will want to get a gsr shiftlinkage and axles too
I heard that the distributor and injectors on this motor will need to be changed in order for it to work. Is this true. My VX engine harness will just plug onto this motor with the exception of the knock sensor and secondary butterflies?
Originally posted by supersol93@Jan 28 2003, 04:52 PM
Are there any advantages to using the OBDII motor over the OBDI.

No. OBD 2 is just abunch of emissions shit. I think it also has 2 o2 sensors.
OBD-2 engine = newer, most likely has less miles
OBD-1 engine = less restrictive ECU