96 Hatch Swap

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Junior Member
Hi, I have a 96' civic hatch and I want to do a swap and eventually go turbo laer down the road. My question is what engine is best for me? I will need a reliable engine because this car will also be my daily driver. I was thinkin about the b20 swap but I dont know much about it. How much would it be if I put in a b20 with a vtec head in? What else would I need? Would I need a new tranny or can I use the one I have? thanks in advanced

your going to need the whole swap, motor, tranny, mounts,etc, if you want boost go with the ls motor or gsr motor if you can affford it. gsr motor would be better than going crvtec and then turbo. crvtec has nice price tag. its up to you and what you want to spend. i suggest gathering a lot more info on this subject before you drop the money. i dont know a lot about turbo setup's so there is plenty everyone else will tell you about it.