a list of parts i need

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get tha fuck out!
ok here is a list of parts i need to finish my swap if u have them i will pay.

obd-0 to 0bd-1 enigine harness conversion for a manual
manual trans p75 ecu obd1
integra axels 90-93 non abs
90-93 integra inermediate shaft (manual)
90-93 integra throttle cable form a manual
b18 manual trans starter
b18 cable tranny speed sensor
90-93 integra drivers side engine bracket from a manual
90-93 integra rear tranny branket must be from a manual

thanks for looking and if u have these parts i will pay through paypal.
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The Warden
I Have Your LS ECU 50 Bucks Plus Shipping\

And Might Have A Freind That Wants To Sell The Mounts. How much You Willing To Pay for The mounts?


get tha fuck out!
Sorry cant Do That.
He Wants My Old Tranny for them.

ur stupid if u think im going to pay u more than 30 for them i could go buy hasports ones but i dont wanna spend 140 on brackets and there is not one manual 90-93 teg anywhere around here. and plus there old and used good luck though ur a tard if u trade a tranny for them.


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I have a friend that should have that throttle cable along with some other stuff(he's swapping a 90-93 LS in his 94 Civic).


get tha fuck out!
just tell me the list hes got extra of and ill let him know something and i want pics.


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here is what i got

manual trans pr4 ecu obd1 50 obo
90-93 integra inermediate shaft (manual) 50 obo
b18 manual trans starter 45 obo
90-93 integra rear tranny branket must be from a manual 40 obo

lmk asap i will combind shipping for ya too.