FS-Garage Cleanout eg, da, gsr parts

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patch layer
Cleaning out my garage of a lot of honda and acura parts, mostly from 92-95 civic hatch and 93-2000 integra.

92-93 integra LS head doesn't look the best but worked fine before i removed it comes with head bolts- $50
92-93 integra LS EGR valve (works)-make offer
92-93 integra power steering pump no lines-$30
92-93 integra power steering pump mounting bracket- $15
D Series A/C bracket/torque mount-$30que
JDM D series 1.5 Vtec A/C bracket/torque mount-$30
D Series Cam Sprocket-$10
Honda fuel injector wires- $10
Honda Fuel injectors-$65
D Series Drivers Side motor mount-$10
90-93 integra drivers side Motor mount-$10
90-93 integra drivers side motor mount bracket-$20
D Series rear T Bracket-$25
94-2000 integra GSR head Bolts-$50
D Series IACV-$25
B Series Oil Pump-$40
90-93 integra Ls fuel rail and regulator-$20
92-95 civic fuel ral and regulator-$15
Vortech FMU used for 80 miles- $75
90-93 integra auto intermediate shaft- $40
90-93 integra intake manifold support bracket-$10

all prices are pretty low but obo, buy pays fees and shipping. i would rather not ship the head but i will if need be.