a place were we can all race online for free

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live for speed 2

its a free demo but we can all play at one time...we just need to know the room name and pass word..

this is not a game more in the lines of a real simulator...you have full adjustment power with the cars...

ok, this game is bad fucking ass

its hard though, but i love how if you slam the car without changing to stiffness of the suspension the ride is bouncy as hell

im still trying to get used to the steering, its difficult
its tricky..... ill make a room and just go to multyplayer and choose....games from list...and look for HONDA SWAP...password HS
micah did you get the hang of the RWD......

BTW that room is not up because i left work....my pc at home sucks....but anyone can make a room...and they can use the same name and password....
a lil bit, but not quite. you can drift them but its damn hard. pretty much i just had to take it really slow to be able to handle them.

that fwd hatch is easy though.

i suggest going through the tutorials, i didnt finish all of them, but it will get you better associated with it.
how do you download it lol!!! I tried and it went to my divx player and said I couldn't play it..
lol.... alot of people looked at it but micah was the only one that actualy showed up....i guess they are at work or something.....

i'm going to delete alot of programs of my pc...so i can play it at home....i need a new pc...ive been needing one for a while...
Originally posted by CiViC_SOHC@Jul 15 2005, 05:51 PM
how do you download it lol!!! I tried and it went to my divx player and said I couldn't play it..
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its a bit torrent. http://www.bittorrent.com/
get the windows client

thats why you were having problems with that american touge video also. you have to have a bit torrent client to dl these files.
fool, its probably the best racing game I've seen for PC. It has real potential, its in alpha right now. I agree the rwd physics are a bit messed up, but the overall handling of the cars is well done, as are the damage physics. You can knock the car out of alignment and everything.