Accord H22

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Hey I was wondering if anyone out there had boost going on their h22? Im wondering what would be better to do... supercharger or turbo? So far I havent had good luck in the past with turbo's... for whatever reason f22 vtecs do not like boost so well! I know the only setup they have on the supercharger is for the 96^ h22! So I would have to go OBD II to I which is backwards but im guessing it can be done! lemme know what u guys think! Or is this all a headache and is spraying the easy way out... One more last thing has anyone just gone ahead and semi built the internals(**connecting rods, pistons, gasket, springs and valves**) and is running spray? Sorry this is so confusing but work with me.. :) thanks
well first off just some knowledge, to put aftermarket pistons in the h22a you have to resleeve the block, which isnt exactly cheap! i personally am going to go turbo, i havent seen any supercharged preludes or accords lay down any impressive times, most every one in the 14s :( i vote turbo... if you want to spray, just make sure you upgrade your fuel system with it, or you're fucked!
Alright that sounds straight! But i was wondering if i leave the engine pretty much stock what do you guys think this will handle for direct port nitrous on occation and still keep OEM relibility? what might u reccomend upgrading to handle more nitrous or is just safe to have? lets say we have a budget of 500-600 after motor and nitrous...
you have absolutely no need for direct port, a dry shot would be more than enough
Yeah but i rather set it up that way... Ive had dry and it was okay! I just have some ideas on some cool setups and bends with the direct fogger! Things that make u go hmmm! :huh:
So why do you think the direct is going to blow it??? Did i say anything about what jet size im going with??? im sure 100 shot of dry is going to be a bit more diffrent than a 40 shot of direct! wouldnt u say? yeah i dont think it will last either if i run 100 shot of wet! But still no one has really answered my question...
Thats very true... Ive learned through 2, F22 motors... that stock honda motors dont handle abuse for long... well at least if u drive them hard every day like me! Im almost just thinking about getting an f22 and dig deep for someone who builds internals for these shit boxes! Either way they are a dime a dozen, and if u blow it u can guarantee your local junk yard will have it! You can just about pick up the complete thing for 300.00! And they ushually last me through the year! LOL So has anyone else heard of anyone making some internals for this motor or am i stuck with the choice of buying them every year... or If i could get money straight get me an h22 that can be built down the road!! This seems to be a tuff decision when u have enough toys to set u deep in the hole! Thanks guys
I think maybe you should go w/ the H22 and get the Greddy turbo kit. I think it will last a good while if ran on low boost (5-7psi) and that should allow you to save up a lot to build it up and turn up the boost. Safest way of course would be to build it up first, but putting that kit on will give you immediate gains. Good luck!
Alright i decided im going to sell my other car and go ahead and get the h22! But I want to know what you guys recommend doing to it.. such as performance mods and ect.. with about 700.00? Also what is involved in doing this swap... what are the things to look out for and are going to be required to do the job! Thanks
Also i was thinking of almost just putting a supercharger on it.. providing i have a little bit more money! But it seems that the superchargers they make are for the OBDII preludes! I own a 94 ex which is OBD I... can I go to an OBDII??? thanks again! Im not looking to do turbo either... been there done that and its just a BIG headacke
the fastest supercharged prelude with an h22 runs like low 14s with lots of stuff done to it, just thought i'd bring that to your attention, superchargers are more of an auto-x thing.