Aftermaket Engine

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The latest honda tuning issue has a feture of a dart block build up. Dart blocks have already been discussed here, but i was wondering the drawbacks to dart engines. They got a closed deck design made out of aircraft qualiy aluminum among many other race-conscience modifications. There made in b18 and b20 styles and are around 2G . Does anyone know of someone with a Dart Engine? Cause it seems like a great way to go, I just want more info....
The closed deck design is going to be a lot stronger, the only drawback (besides $$$) is that it is going to be heavier.

The closed deck design is going to be a lot stronger

yeah, aint that the shit?!?
a b20 that'll handle 20 psi sounds good to me.
It certainly seems like a high performing peice of machinery.
Does ne1 know if dart will bore their engines before shipping?
how 'bout hi/low compression pistons?
The main question I have though, is if they will relocate the dowel holes for VTEC without drilling out the stock location.
well i finally find the website, they dont list prices though. Apparently you have to buy them through an authorized dealer. You'd think they would have a locator. Check out the site, its somewhat informative as to the upgrades they've made to the blocks.
ive seen one of these in person and they look bad ASS. tom payn was part designer in this thing... and is everyone sure about this weight issue?? i thought they were lighter because they cut out certain pieces that were not needed