Another 95cx Swap Question - From A Dad

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this is really as much a way to help out my 01 and make my baby happy.... you know the routine :rolleyes: ... dad upgrades and kid gets the old but better .... also how she ended up with the 95cx

she needs a new engine (i basically killed it driving 83 miles each way to work for 5 years, but she's put the last 30k on it)
and the k20 swap sounds great to me for mine B)... giving her the d17a1.

so is the d17a1 so much different from the other d's to make it a more difficult swap? and really just how bad will that swap be, parts, ecu can follow the engine to the 95 .... please say just a bolt in :worthy:

if it's not too difficult, a real win win for me (*and my soon to be K20 '01 coupe) and she'll have a better performer though still not too much ... after all i'm still her dad. :D

and TIA
Best advice I can give is find a buyer for your motor and get a B16A sirII (to really hot rod it) or a D16Z6 for her car.The D16 will be the easiest and it is a good motor for her car as it came in the SI version of the generation.You should be able to get a lot more for your D17A1 than you'll pay for a D16Z6.It will require only running the vtec wires,which is beyond easy.You won't have to mess with aftermarket mounts and don't really need anything more than the motor,which you can pick up for I'm thinking around $500-$800.Hope this can help. :D
The D17A from your O1 and up will only fit other 01 and up Civics. Nothing 2000 or older. The RSX K20 is a great choice for your car. if you're in New England and need more help Private message or IM me.
Yea.. it wont bolt up, also.. the IM is plastic, it uses a returnless fuel system, the crank journals are bigger (or smaller, i forget).. its truely the god forsaken honda motor.

Get a d16z6 swap. They can be had for next to nothing and almost all of the 92-99 or 00 d-series parts will mate to it. Swaps go for around 500 bucks without tranny.. maybe trade your d17 and acouple hundred or something.

But look into it more then you will swapping it into the 5th gen.
thanks all, i knew it was too good to be true.
guess i go back to my first plan putting a b16 in hers, and waiting for a turbo kit for mine.

the nearest info on a turbo kit for us 7th gen'rs:

Products: honda turbo
Comments: I'm interested in a kit for the Honda Civic 01 7th Generation.
Are you planning a kit for this vehicle? If so, when do you anticipate


Hopefully by the end of this year

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Well, from what I hear, the d17 isn't worth messing with. As I said.. i'm sure you could find good power. But you will have to wait for a better IM.. plastic will get heat soaked with a turbo kit. Skunk2 is JUST NOW (march 03) releasing the z6/y8 IM. I would continue the quest for a k20. Honda-tech has someone who did it in their 7th gen.

A b16sir2 in her civic would be a great choice. But also, if she just wants a little more "go". Then I would consider the z6 swap. I was told today by a very smart d-series guy that the b16 is faster than the d16z6, b/c it can rev higher. For less cash then a b16sir2 swap (2250 motor + mounts and whatever else problems you encounter) you can have a "mildly" built d16 with good numbers for at least a 1k less. Also, d-series parts are EVERYWHERE.. if she breaks something, run to the junk yard to get it. Break a b16sir2 part, and start shopping around b/c they aren't in the states.

None-the-less... good swap, if you truely want to go along with all of that. :) (im torn between the 2 actually)